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Mkuu wa chuo:
Mr.Omary M.Kiputiputi na Mgeni Rasmi Mh.Mathias Meinrad Chikawe



Location of Aseki Business School:
ASEKI Business School is located in northern part of Dodoma about 3 km from the town centre on Arusha Road and a short walk from Rural Development Institute or Chuo cha Mipango as known by many people and on the West it shares a boundary with Teacher’s Capital College.

Strategically, the school is at the heart of Tanzania. Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania and the seat of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania and of late Dodoma with the establishment of the giant Dodoma University, followed by several other institutions of higher learning, ASEKI included, Dodoma is becoming the academic city of the country.

Our Vision:
We strive to become pre – eminent in the country by being a centre of excellence in Management and Entrepreneurship for competence and skills acquisition through training, research, public service and outreach activities in the region and beyond by the year 2020.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to prepare students for business leadership, excellence and success. To achieve this we are committed to delivering high quality and affordable education and training in the area of Business Management, Accountancy and Finance, Marketing, Procurement and Supplies, Computer studies and any other business related disciplines to both public and private sectors; Research and Consultancy thereby enhancing entrepreneurship traits among business community and hence stimulating sustainable development.

Our Core Values:
Towards achieving our Vision and fulfilling our Mission, ASEKI will realize through a positive corporate culture underpinned by teamwork, professionalism, integrity, creativity, customer care, efficiency, commitments, accountability, reliability and dedication to excellence values.

Our Motto:
Education for Development.

Examination rules and examination results

Certificate Programmes:
» Basic Technician Certificate in Procurement and Supplies
Basic Technician Certificate in Business Management
» Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy

Diploma Programmes:
» Diploma in Business Administration (NTA 5 – 6)
» Diploma in Accountancy (NTA  5 – 6)
» Diploma in Procurement and Supplies  (NTA 5 – 6)

This is a new school founded in 2010 in Dodoma Municipality. The school aims at running courses in Business Management, Accountancy and Finance, Marketing, Procurement and Supply, ICT and other business related courses, on full time and evening...
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It is my great pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to ASEKI Business School. I hope that this website will meet your information needs and, for those unfamiliar with ASEKI, provide a comprehensive introduction to our work,our aspiration and to the opportunities we offer..... » More click here.

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Current News for academic year 2014/2015

Semester II Provisional Exam. Results for Certificate Programmes 2015 

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